The Little London Winds

Music Education Outreach 

Sharing a Love of Music Since 1992

The Little London Winds, french horn player, summer 2011

About Our Outreach Efforts

We are devoted to spreading the love and joy of music through music education in our community! That is why we spend our spring  semester doing joint concerts and workshops with area schools. We love showing local music students that there is room in your adult life for music. As one of our former Directors, Paul Jacobson, put it, "There is life after school for music!"

We hope that you will share in the music education experience as an audience member by attending one of our joing concerts with an area school. It's a great way to support music and the young musicians in your area! All of our Music Education concerts are free and open to the public.

Are you a music educator in the Pikes Peak region who would love to have a joing concert with our wind ensemble?

Send an email to our President, Shelly Radin, expressing your interest in having a workshop and/or joint concert with our wind ensemble.

Music education is important.

Music just makes life better! We bleieve in sharing our love for music and learning with local band students through our outreach concerts. It's about showing students that there is life for music after school and creating lifelong musicians.

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